Building Technologies

  • Heavy Timber Frame
    Solid oak timbers form the framework of the home utilizing traditional mortise and tenon joinery to connect the network of timbers.
  • Traditional Square Log
    White pine logs with the traditional characteristics of logs hewn flat on both sides, joined at the corners by dovetail notch and with chinking between the logs.
  • Structural Panels
    A strong super-insulated building panel used as a completely free-standing structural wall or roof system. Structural panels are also utilized as energy efficient blankets on the exterior of timber frame homes.
  • Passive Solar
    Design, materials and orientation of the house allow for the utilization of solar energy by natural means. Earth sheltering can be incorporated in passive solar homes.
  • Earth Sheltered
    The design of the house allows for earth to be bermed reducing heat loss or gain by moderation of outdoor temperatures on the bermed walls. Passive solar can be incorporated in earth bermed homes.
  • Conventional
    The house frame uses dimensional lumber and consists of one of three distinct types: balloon frame, braced frame or platform frame. Framing of these types became popular at the turn of the century with the common availability of nails.

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