Timber Frame Homes

Our Timber Frame Homes are generally dense massive oak timbers, planed and oiled, connected with variations of mortise-and-tenon joinery and wooden pegs. Timber Framing is done without the use of mechanical fasteners. We can accommodate preferences for other wood species to be used for the frame. The roof and walls are applied outside the frame with “stress skin” panels making for a cost effective and energy efficient enclosure system. When utilizing 5 ½” core panels in the walls we get approximately an R-25 and utilizing a 7 ¼” core panels on the roof approximately an R-35 is achieved. Panels generally are 4’ or 8’ wide and up to 28’ in length. The finished exterior on Timber Frames can be any conventional siding or finish. The amount of house that is Timber Framed is a design decision and there is the possibility of utilizing panels in areas that are not Timber Framed making for a very energy efficient home.

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